Ontario Window Film Inc. Serving Mississauga, Ontario and Area

Ontario Window Film Inc. Serving Mississauga, Ontario and Area


Security, Safety and Solar Window Films in Mississauga

Specializing in Security, Safety, Solar & Decorative Window Films

About the Company

Ontario Window Film Inc. has a combined 18 years experience in the Window Film Business working with clients on a National Basis. In every province and major city, his associates all have the same top level training on the window films, applications and installation techniques. They are committed to the first rate customer service, whether it is a new installation or an emergency replacement, where you need the installation in time for opening, or NOW because the window has been damaged due to vandalism, break-in attempt or is weather related.

Greg loves to talk with his clients about their needs. Greg's extensive business experience makes him the right GO TO person to discuss your Window Film needs for Safety, Security, Scratch and Graffiti Resistance, Solar Protection, as well as Privacy, Decoration and Company Image. He has been in your shoes, making careful choices for businesses, responsible for operations.

The company services many major retail stores and can formulate a national service plan for your retail chain, ensuring a consistent image and the same timely, quality installation across Canada.


About Window Film

Why Use Window Film?

About Window Film

Window film is available in a variety of thicknesses, colours and treatments and the right one for your application is so important. Greg Russell understands this. He knows you are concerned for the safety and security of your staff, customers and your business, and you are very aware of the bottom line. In fact, using window film can often save you money in reducing air conditioning costs and solar damage, increase productivity because your staff are more comfortable, and improve your image and visibility with the right decorative film and logo right on your windows.

Window film is available in thicknesses:
8-18mil for Security film
4-7mil for Safety and Anti-graffiti films

Window Film, when applied by Greg's crews, carries a warranty of:
7-10 years commercial applications
Lifetime Residential
1 year installation
Decorative and Privacy Film carries a 5 year product warranty and 6 months installation.

Why use Window Film?
Window film selected for:
- Can reduce liability,
- Holds glass together against the elements
- Protect against high winds, flying debris
- Protect against high winds, flying debris
- Protect against acid etching

- Can prevent theft/vandalism
- Holds glass together against the elements
- Protect against high winds, flying debris
- Protect against acid etching

- Resistant to acid etching,
- Resistant to Paint
- Resistant to Scratching

- Reduces Glare
- Reduces heat build up, increases comfort
- Reduces air conditioning costs
- Low emissivity - can reduce heating costs

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About Applications

Safety, Security, Scratch Resistant, Anti-Graffiti, Solar, Privacy, Decorative,

Safety, Security
Protect against Break and Enter, Vandalism, Injury, Natural Disaster, in your home, studio, office, factory and any other installation you can think of. Window film strengthens glass, and often is enough to deter unauthorized entry because thieves simply give up!
As well as the usual installations, other applications include sports, industrial and others. Window film often holds the broken pane of glass together preventing contact injury, and from flying glass.

Scratch Resistant, Anti-Graffiti
Protects against scratching, acid etching, pollution, paint and vandalism; deal in transit vehicles, shelters, high traffic areas. As part of your regularly scheduled maintenance plan, peel off and replace to look like new again. Increases the life of glass, reduces your maintenance costs, presents a professional image and just plain looks good!

Solar, Privacy, Decorative
Use Window Film to create a comfortable environment in your office, home, studio...you get the idea! With Protection from harmful UV and Infrared Rays, choose the protection level that's right for your space to protect your furnishings from fading, prolongs the life of your window displays.
Reduces heat and glare and lowers air conditioning cost, makes spaces more usable and saves money.
Special window treatments for privacy and signage. Custom Designs Available!
Clear, tinted, frosted, mirrored, patterned; apply right on the glass, or create a design, display your logo!

Security Products
Complete your window and door security package with our window bars and folding security gates (Utility and Ornamental)

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Toll Free: +1 855 808 0500

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Greg Russell

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Appointments Available.

  • Please call to speak to a representative for appointments outside of regular hours


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